Latest news

  • The Enlightement from a Non-Western Perspective - Conference, Sofia

    20 May 2016

  • Timothy Snyder receives the Man of the Year title from "Gazeta Wyborcza"

    17 May 2016

  • An interview with Paweł Machcewicz, Director of the Museum of the Second World War

    13 May 2016

  • Awards for books on Polish history, by Polityka magazine

    12 May 2016

  • An interview with the Polish History Museum Director Robert Kostro

    10 May 2016

  • 200 years of the University of Warsaw

    08 May 2016

  • State Socialism, Legal Experts and the Genesis of International Criminal and Humanitarian Law after 1945 - Call for Papers

    06 May 2016

  • Constitution Day. 225th anniversary of Polish Constitution

    03 May 2016

  • Gdańsk Museum of the Second World War conflict in the international news

    28 April 2016

  • The exhibition "Bartoszewski, 1922–2015: More than Decency" in POLIN

    25 April 2016


  • Totalitarianism - Historiography, Politics and Culture of Remembrance in Central and Southeastern Europe

  • Polonica in foreign institutions – research on the history of the Polish political emigration 1939-1990 - Conference in Warsaw

  • Witkacy: Poland's Pre-Communist Avantgarde Reacts to Stalinism in NYPL

  • British Association of Slavonic and East European Studies conference in London

  • Conference: Jewish Cultural Heritage. Projects, Methods, Inspirations

  • The Ulmas Mueum of Poles Rescuing Jews has been open

  • The Last Correspondent by Eugene Starky. Meeting at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York

  • E. Thomas Wood gives a talk about Jan Karski in Manhattan, O'Malley Library

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Digital Resources

The largest database of historical knowledge

Digitalization of historical sources, photographs, manuscripts and printed materials makes the study of Polish history much easier.

Below we present constantly updated catalog of digital libraries, archives, bibliographies, and other databases

Bibliographical database of the content of Polish journals focusing on history and associated subjects in the social sciences and humanities.

Studies on history and allied sciences specialization (archeology, art history e.g.) at Polish higher educational institutions.

New publications

  • Memeograph Revolution: The Independent Publishing Movement in Poland 1976–1989

  • New issue of "View": The Visual Complex of the Polish Nineteenth Century

  • The Holocaust and the Germanization of Ukraine by Eric C. Steinhart

Historical Movies

  • Database of historical films

    Polish historical feature films.

  • Film and History

    Reviews and news of films on historical themes.

Scholarship Fund

Fundusz stypendialny finansowany przez MHP ma za zadanie wspierać badania naukowe nad historią Polski, a także przedsięwzięcia propagujące za granicą wiedzę o dziejach naszego kraju.