15 December 2016

White Eagle, Black Madonna: One Thousand Years of the Polish Catholic Tradition by Robert E. Alvis

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Filling a sizable gap in the literature, White Eagle, Black Madonna is a systematic study of the Catholic Church in Poland and among the Polish diaspora. Polish Catholicism has not been particularly well understood outside of Poland, and certainly not in the Anglophone world. Robert E. Alvis explores the people, places, events, and ritual actions that have animated the tradition and that still resonate among Polish Catholics today. Written in clear, concise, accessible language, the book sheds light on the relevance of the Polish Catholic tradition for the global Catholic Church.



Table of content:

1. Baptized into Christendom (966 to 1138 CE)

2. Chaos and Consolidation (1138 to 1333)

3. Baptized into Power (1333 to 1506)

4. The Promise and the Peril of Liberty (1506 to 1648)

5. Deluge and Illusions (1648 to 1764)

6. Reform, Romance, and Revolution (1764 to 1848)

7. The Gospel and National Greatness (1848 to 1914)

8. From Captivity to Cataclysm (1914 to 1945)

9. From Stalinism to Solidarity (1945 to 1989)

10. From Triumph to Turmoil (After 1989) 

Publisher: Fordham University Press

Year of publication: 2016

ISBN: 978-0823271719

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